Friday, March 19, 2010

International Festival 2010

(a poster I designed for the event)

International School Moshi invited me to participate in their day of International Mindedness last Saturday. I gladly joined forces with parents, local musicians, talented students, and teachers to celebrate the diversity of cultures represented within the school community (students of around 45 different nationalities attend the school). As a part of my contribution, I decided to embark upon a collaborative sculpture that could be built over the course of the event, and illuminate as a kind of closing ceremony. 

Throughout the afternoon, families stopped by the collaborative sculpture tent to write their personal wishes on a square paper, that was then folded into a balloon, and later hung and illuminated by the bulbs along the walls of the space.

By the time the sky grew dark, a group of little girls overtook the glowing interior of the space and deemed it their own fairy castle. 

At the moment I took this picture, I overheard the girl on the lower right say, "does that fit alright, Cinderella?"