Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Broad Street Installation

The installation project downtown has officially concluded. During the month of September I moved an 8x8x8 translucent space from Sherman studios on west campus to a vacant office space at 20 E. Broad. The whole effort culminated in three openings as a part of the Art Squatters Downtown group show. I have many more photos, but included just a few to show you a bit of my playing around with the plastic membrane
before the first tear down.

Above is a view of the roof before the tear-down at Sherman.

The farmers market took place every Tuesday and Friday outside of the installation space windows. For those of you residing in Columbus, head down to Pearl Market some time. It's very active and offers good looking produce, Belgian waffles, handy crafts...

Laying out the framing

This is a view from the back of the space. Near the end, this was surrounded by a large plastic curtain, and filled with cob. I'll post those pictures in a bit, but for now, try to imagine 4 tons of clay and sand in piles near that little ladder.

What a task this was! David and I removed some tiles from the cramped ceiling. Thanks for your help buddy!

...mixing a batch

I left the window blinds open always, even late into the evening, which meant that I experienced a huge variety of interactions with people. Mid-day downtown is bustling, but by night fall it's usually inhabited by a few people waiting to transfer bus routes. I sort of got to know the city side walk patrol-ers near the end of it all and really enjoyed our attempted conversations through the window glass.